5 easy steps for taking memorable phone pics

Ever look back on your day and wish you would have remembered to capture at least something??  Feel like you can't enjoy the moment AND document it?  Think your house is too messy or things aren't perfect enough to capture??  I've GOT you.

I am SUPER passionate about capturing our everyday lives, and want to tell you all about why this Friday morning.  I will also give you 5 SUPER easy steps that will help you start taking more memorable phone pictures NOW.  This is a Part 1 if you will class - to inspire and get you started.

Coming to the class is easy.  I'll email you a link that will take you to the class page.  There you'll be able to comment, ask questions and join in on the fun while I give a short and sweet class.  The class will cover:

  • Find your "New Eyes"
  • Light is Your Friend - get to know her!
  • Backgrounds Matter
  • Overshooting is Your Other Friend!
  • Q + A Session - answering all your questions!

Just in case you were wondering, this is a totally FREE class - I won't be selling a thing.  Just sharing a few tips and tricks I've learned along the way. 

All you need to do is pop your name and email address into the form and you'll be set!!  I can't WAIT to hang with you on Friday morning for this FREE class!



missed the class?  you can still catch the replay for a limited time by filling out the form below!

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