Welcome Emma {Kingsport, TN Newborn Photographer}

FOUR.  Does that sound like a large number to you?  You're probably thinking, no...  But it depends on what we're talking about, right?  Kids.  That's what I'm talking about.  I can tell you right now, it feels like a lot at the moment, but I couldn't be happier.  

Please help us introduce Emma Jeshelle (who makes kiddo number FOUR in the Davidson house!).  She arrived March 5th and is pretty much the sweetest thing ever.  Her older sister and brothers adore her.    

Thanks for everyones patience as all things BDP have been a bit slow ...  blog, Facebook, email...  It's all a little slow right now while I take time to recuperate, enjoy and adjust.  Be on the lookout for an email in the next few weeks about Spring Mini Sessions.  If we can just get the weather to stop being so insane!!!  (it's snowing as I type this...)  Make sure you're signed up to receive the BDP Insider to be the first to know!!

I'll be posting lots more pictures soon, but this will at least give you a little glimpse of my girl!  I'm so in love...

Sparklers and Mommy Goggles {Tri-Cities, TN Portrait Photographer}

There's a little thing called Mommy Goggles - haven't heard of them?  Let me enlighten you:  They are an invisible, magical pair of glasses (or goggles) that moms **usually** have on when they look at their children.  When looking at an image of their child, these special glasses blur out every single thing in an image besides their child's sweet, little face - even green goo coming out noses.  I told you they were magical!!  And that's all they see.  Perfection.   

If you read this blog very often, you already know that a constant and forever goal of mine is to take more "imperfect" and everyday images of my children.  Being a photographer, I sometimes find it hard to document the every day stuff because of my "Photog Goggles"...  I look and see that the moment doesn't have perfect lighting, perfect outfits (or even any clothes at all sometimes!!), perfect location, etc.  But I'm training myself to take my Photog Goggles OFF and slide those Mommy Goggles ON - and love what I see when I do.   


I snapped these a couple weeks ago when we were outside playing with the kiddos and cleaning out the garage (a never-ending task... just like laundry).  My hubby found a bag of sparklers from last summer, so we had a spur-of-the-moment sparkler fest!!

Death of the Sneak Peek {Johnson City TN Portrait Photographer}

That may have been a bit dramatic, but it sums up about half of the exciting changes for BDP this year!!  I've been wanting to make these changes for several months now, but there never seemed to be enough time in-between clients to make the switch.  Now it's the beginning of the New Year and I believe, is the perfect time!!!  Drum roll please......  

The Death of the Sneak Peek:  I will no longer be posting "sneak peeks".  Why?  I'll be completely honest with you.  It's because I'm selfish, really.  You know that moment of anticipation - the stress of the session is over, you're excited to see your pictures, you get the email saying your sneak peek is up, you race to the computer or phone, pull up the blog and... BAM {the moment}!!!!  Oooooo's..... Ahhhhhh's.....  Maybe even a tear or two at how sweet your daughter looks in that one picture....  Well guess what?  I absolutely hate that I don't get to see any of that!!  I want to be with you and experience that moment when you see your images for the first time.  I want to see and feel the reactions that give me so much happiness and satisfaction as your photographer!  {See - I told you it was selfish.}

I will, however be blogging each session.  This will be done after the client has seen and ordered their images and will still be super exciting and amazing!

But wait!  There's more...

The Birth of the In-Person Ordering Session:  Ordering sessions are nothing new around here - I always recommend them to my clients, but it's not a requirement.  Their images are posted online and they have the option to order without any assistance, or they can come in to the studio after viewing their images to see samples and previews, have help with deciding what to order, etc.  

There's only one problem with that.  You're missing out on SO. MUCH. MORE.  I don't know what the exact dimensions of that wall next to the stairs or above the fireplace is.  I don't know what precise hue of sea-foam green the throw pillows are.  I want to see the walls where your images will hang.  I want to give you a professionals opinion and expertise when it comes to ordering from your session and displaying your images.  It's a service that I've been wanting to add to my business for quite some time now that I truly feel will enhance your experience in so many ways!!!  I'm excited just thinking about it!!

Don't worry - you won't need to dress in your Sunday best or clean the house.  I'm a mom of three kids {four if you count my hubby} and I assure you - nothing can scare me.  I've seen it all.  I want to not only give you beautiful images to cherish for years to come, but a relaxed, happy and stress-free experience where you end up with exactly what you need and want - not more or less.  An experience where you actually use and see your images, rather than throw them into a box that collects dust.  There are so many options available to you - and working together to decide and inform you of which ones might best suit your needs is a service that I'm so excited to include with each session.  

I believe in premium customer service - a service that seems to be dying at a rapid rate.  Just yesterday when returning Christmas gifts, I could've called at least three different corporate numbers for terrible customer service...  But of course, I didn't want to take the time to deal with that mess, so it's probably continuing to happen as I type.  I believe in offering not ONLY a service, but an EXPERIENCE.  To me, there's a huge difference.  I hope that my clients feel they are given that from me - and I think these changes will only enhance that experience.

Thanks again for an AWESOME 2012!!!  Looking through all of your beautiful faces makes me smile.  I'm looking forward to an even AWESOMER {sure, that's a word} 2013!!!!  

And because NO post would even be a post without a picture... I'll leave you with my three babies on the beach in Northern California right before Christmas.  They are my everything.  I want to cry and laugh and smile and cry a little more each time I look at it.  Why do they grow so fast?  That's another post in itself.  


Go forth and take pictures!!!!

Source: http://www.brandilyndavidsonphotography.co...

Lucas - 6 months {Kingsport, TN Children's Photographer}

This adorably squishy piece of perfection is my baby boy!!  I still can't believe six months (well almost 7 now really - hey better late than never right??) have past by since he arrived!  Looking back at his newborn pictures is so bittersweet.  Why does it have to go by so quickly??  I just love him to PIECES!!  He is such a laid back and happy baby, thank goodness.  He loves to eat - anything but green beans, is getting pretty good at sitting up - but his big brother just loves when he goes "TIMBER!!" and is making super adorable "mama" and "googoo" sounds.  But more than anything else, this little guy loves his big sister and brother.  He loves being near them and watching them.  We are so grateful to have him in our family!!  

These aren't amazing - I took them on a whim, all within about 4 minutes and didn't have anyone else to help me, so it was hard to get the smiles to last when I stuck my face behind the camera.  I love them anyway!!  Enjoy!



Monica + Tyler - sneak peek {San Diego, CA Photographer}

This gorgeous and adorable gal happens to be my little sister...  I still can't believe she's MARRIED, but she couldn't have chosen a more perfect and wonderful guy.  I'm so grateful for how happy they both make each other!!  I wish them the best of luck as they begin their adventure together!!

We all went to San Diego where they both live and where the wedding was.  Tyler and Monica chose to do a First Look, which in my opinion, is the smartest thing a couple can do to make their wedding day more enjoyable and less stressful!  The night before the big day, we went out to Balboa Park (and a couple other locations) for a fun and relaxing evening of picture taking.  It was so special to be able to watch Tyler see Monica in her dress for the first time!  They're so adorable... did I already mention that?

Everything was beautiful and the weather was perfect!  I loved meeting and getting to know Tyler's family - they fit right in with our wild and crazy bunch!  It was a little crazy being the photographer and a bridesmaid (yes I'm actually IN some of these pictures, thanks to my amazing Aunt Cynthia!)  The reception was tons of fun - everyone had a great time.  Nothing is better than family!!  Tyler and Monica rode off into the night on their bikes at the end of the party and are doing great!  Enjoy this walk through their big day...

One of my sisters is on a church mission, so she was unable to attend the wedding (although, she did in spirit - she wore her own bridesmaid outfit that day too!!)  We took this picture for her - all the girls, oldest to youngest (minus our "little" brother)...  We missed her so much!!  {FYI: It's rare to see a picture of me on here, so for those of you who don't know what I look like, I'm the oldest, the one on the far left.}

April - Instagram Style {Tri-Cities TN Portrait Photographer}

I can't believe yet another month has gone by...  time flies when you're having fun {and a mama to three cute kiddos, a homeschool teacher, a wife, a business owner, a sister, a friend, etc., etc., etc.!!}  Life has been FULL this month!!

If you missed last month {Instagram Style} you can check it out {HERE} which also has a link to the previous month.  These are all pictures taken with my iphone and then edited with Instagram.  It's a fun way to give you a glimpse into my everday life.  It's wild and crazy, but lots of fun.


March - Instagram Style {Tri-Cities TN Portrait Photographer}

Yay - my second month of Instagraming... I'm still so in love with Instagram.  If you missed my first post - February Instagram Style, you can check it out {HERE}.  These are all pictures taken with my iphone and then edited with Instagram.  I thought it would be a fun way to give you a little glimpse into my everyday life.  It's wild and crazy, but lots of fun.  Never a dull moment in the Davidson house!!

If you're on Instagram I'd love to follow you - add me: queenbrandy17 {again, I know - lame username}  Enjoy my re-cap of March... life is good!!!

FYI - It was literally almost impossible to narrow it down to only 20 images... I may have to cut back next month!!  Happy picture-taking!

just because... {Bristol, VA Children's Photographer}

One of my goals for this year {and every year, really} is to be better at taking pictures of my kiddos.  Trust me, I'd take so many more if they were cooperative.  Maybe it's because they've had a camera shoved in their face since they were born or because they know how badly I want pictures of them or some other random reason... but whatever it is - I can't seem to find the secret to getting them in front of the camera {happily}.  I also want to respect their feelings and try not to ever force them to take pictures {although I've had my moments...}  However, every blue moon they are up for it and I take advantage of it every time!!  

The other day I got a couple new backdrops in the mail and was setting them up.  The odd shape of the box captured their attention immediately and they helped me get them all set up.  I told them they could play on them if I could take pictures he he...  Of course it didn't last long, but I'll take what I can get.  

My son is so hard to shoot because he literally never stops moving and the blocks were way more interesting than I was.  I love how he sticks out his little tongue whenever he's concentrating.  Now my daughter is another story... oh my.  She will hold still, but can I get her to make a normal face?  Rarely!!  Haha!  Neither one of them is lacking any personality - which is a good thing.  I didn't snap any of my baby boy this time around because he was sleeping {allowing me to get a few shots of his siblings!} and who wakes a sleeping baby?  Not me!  I sure love these crazies!!


February - Instagram Style {Johnson City TN Portrait Photographer}

How did it take me so long to discover Instagram??  I'm still not sure, but I don't care.  I'm in love.  It was love at first sight... An app that can take my boring old iphone pics and turn them into something COOL???  Yes please!  If you aren't familiar with Instagram - you can check out their website {HERE} and download the app {it's free!} and even read up on their blog.  But to give you the rundown - it's basically an application for your smartphone that offers VERY simple {as in your three-year-old could do it with ease} editing options for your phone images.  You can then post them and share them with friends, as well as automatically post to facebook etc.  If you have a smartphone - check it out!!  It's a fun way to take your pics to the next level.  

Along with my new obsession came an idea that I'm SOOOO excited about!!!  Beginning with February, I'm going to share each month "Instagram Style" - I can't share ALL of the pics I take each month because that would take up WAY too much space, but will force myself to narrow it down to my top 20.  I thought it would be a fun way to get to know a different more personal side of Brandilyn Davidson.  *WARNING: Probably 99.3% of my pictures are of my kiddos - so get used to seeing these sweet little faces!!  =)  

Here's the first month... Stay tuned at the end of each month for more!!!  

I'd love to see what you're taking pictures of - you're welcome to add me on Instagram - queenbrandy17 {lame I know}.  Happy Instagraming!!!!