Sparklers and Mommy Goggles {Tri-Cities, TN Portrait Photographer}

There's a little thing called Mommy Goggles - haven't heard of them?  Let me enlighten you:  They are an invisible, magical pair of glasses (or goggles) that moms **usually** have on when they look at their children.  When looking at an image of their child, these special glasses blur out every single thing in an image besides their child's sweet, little face - even green goo coming out noses.  I told you they were magical!!  And that's all they see.  Perfection.   

If you read this blog very often, you already know that a constant and forever goal of mine is to take more "imperfect" and everyday images of my children.  Being a photographer, I sometimes find it hard to document the every day stuff because of my "Photog Goggles"...  I look and see that the moment doesn't have perfect lighting, perfect outfits (or even any clothes at all sometimes!!), perfect location, etc.  But I'm training myself to take my Photog Goggles OFF and slide those Mommy Goggles ON - and love what I see when I do.   


I snapped these a couple weeks ago when we were outside playing with the kiddos and cleaning out the garage (a never-ending task... just like laundry).  My hubby found a bag of sparklers from last summer, so we had a spur-of-the-moment sparkler fest!!

Death of the Sneak Peek {Johnson City TN Portrait Photographer}

That may have been a bit dramatic, but it sums up about half of the exciting changes for BDP this year!!  I've been wanting to make these changes for several months now, but there never seemed to be enough time in-between clients to make the switch.  Now it's the beginning of the New Year and I believe, is the perfect time!!!  Drum roll please......  

The Death of the Sneak Peek:  I will no longer be posting "sneak peeks".  Why?  I'll be completely honest with you.  It's because I'm selfish, really.  You know that moment of anticipation - the stress of the session is over, you're excited to see your pictures, you get the email saying your sneak peek is up, you race to the computer or phone, pull up the blog and... BAM {the moment}!!!!  Oooooo's..... Ahhhhhh's.....  Maybe even a tear or two at how sweet your daughter looks in that one picture....  Well guess what?  I absolutely hate that I don't get to see any of that!!  I want to be with you and experience that moment when you see your images for the first time.  I want to see and feel the reactions that give me so much happiness and satisfaction as your photographer!  {See - I told you it was selfish.}

I will, however be blogging each session.  This will be done after the client has seen and ordered their images and will still be super exciting and amazing!

But wait!  There's more...

The Birth of the In-Person Ordering Session:  Ordering sessions are nothing new around here - I always recommend them to my clients, but it's not a requirement.  Their images are posted online and they have the option to order without any assistance, or they can come in to the studio after viewing their images to see samples and previews, have help with deciding what to order, etc.  

There's only one problem with that.  You're missing out on SO. MUCH. MORE.  I don't know what the exact dimensions of that wall next to the stairs or above the fireplace is.  I don't know what precise hue of sea-foam green the throw pillows are.  I want to see the walls where your images will hang.  I want to give you a professionals opinion and expertise when it comes to ordering from your session and displaying your images.  It's a service that I've been wanting to add to my business for quite some time now that I truly feel will enhance your experience in so many ways!!!  I'm excited just thinking about it!!

Don't worry - you won't need to dress in your Sunday best or clean the house.  I'm a mom of three kids {four if you count my hubby} and I assure you - nothing can scare me.  I've seen it all.  I want to not only give you beautiful images to cherish for years to come, but a relaxed, happy and stress-free experience where you end up with exactly what you need and want - not more or less.  An experience where you actually use and see your images, rather than throw them into a box that collects dust.  There are so many options available to you - and working together to decide and inform you of which ones might best suit your needs is a service that I'm so excited to include with each session.  

I believe in premium customer service - a service that seems to be dying at a rapid rate.  Just yesterday when returning Christmas gifts, I could've called at least three different corporate numbers for terrible customer service...  But of course, I didn't want to take the time to deal with that mess, so it's probably continuing to happen as I type.  I believe in offering not ONLY a service, but an EXPERIENCE.  To me, there's a huge difference.  I hope that my clients feel they are given that from me - and I think these changes will only enhance that experience.

Thanks again for an AWESOME 2012!!!  Looking through all of your beautiful faces makes me smile.  I'm looking forward to an even AWESOMER {sure, that's a word} 2013!!!!  

And because NO post would even be a post without a picture... I'll leave you with my three babies on the beach in Northern California right before Christmas.  They are my everything.  I want to cry and laugh and smile and cry a little more each time I look at it.  Why do they grow so fast?  That's another post in itself.  


Go forth and take pictures!!!!



I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and have a sale for Cyber Monday!!  Why not, right??  Today through Friday (11/30) you can grab yourself a $100 BDP gift certificate for only $75!!  There's no limit, so stock up while you can, but remember - they must be used within a year from purchase date!  =)  Have fun and feel free to share this goodness with your friends by clicking on the 'Share' link below!!

Whole Wheat Zucchini Muffins - The Foodie in Me

I think this is only the second recipe I've posted here... I always feel unsure about what I should and shouldn't post or write on my blog, but remember way back when I posted THIS?  I want you to get to know ME and feel a more personal connection to the person behind the lens.  So guess what?  Let me tell you something about myself:  I. LOVE. FOOD.  Like, a lot.  I also really *try* to have our family eat healthy, which can be so hard - especially with picky little eaters in the house who roll their eyes, whine and ask "What is that??" to every little spec of color they spot in a casserole.  I recently stumbled upon this awesome blog called 100 Days of Real Food, a blog about a family eating non-processed foods in this highly processed world we live in!  It's always bothered me to look at the ingredient list in some of the most simple foods and see 10+ ingredients that I can't even pronounce.  So, feeling inspired from reading - I've decided to switch our family over to a mostly non-processed diet.  I don't want to go too gung-ho (mostly because my husband already thinks I'm crazy and my kids are putting up a pretty good fight) so we are still eating a few things that are minimally processed.  But I feel good about the change, and have been experimenting with some new recipes!  I love this one (which is based off of a recipe on 100 days of real food) and so do my kids, so I thought I'd share!  There is no sugar or white flour in this recipe, but don't let that scare you - I promise they are so yummy!  I also have a super delicious banana bread recipe and slow cooker lasagna recipe that I'll be sharing in the future (still need to take pics).  Give it a try and let me know what you think!!


2 c. whole wheat flour

1 c. white whole what flour (King Arthur's white whole-wheat flour is great)

1 1/2 teas. cinnamon

1/2 teas. allspice

1 1/2 teas. baking soda

1/4 teas. salt

1/2 c. oil (coconut oil is best, however I used canola...)

1/4 c. all natural applesauce

3 eggs

1 teas. vanilla

1/2 c. honey

3 c. grated zucchini


1.  Preheat oven to 300 for mini loaf pans or 325 for large loaf pan or muffins.

2.  Blend dry ingredients with a wisk.

3.  Make a well (or hole) in the center and pour in the eggs, oil, applesauce, honey and vanilla.  Stir until just mixed - don't overmix.

4.  Fold in the grated zucchini.  Pour batter into greased loaf pan(s) or muffin holders and bake until a toothpick comes clean in the top/center of the loaf or muffin.

Muffins: 15-20 minutes

Mini Loaf Pans: 30-40 minutes

Large Loaf Pan: 50-60 minutes 


Skate Park {Grass Valley, CA Portrait Photographer}

I've been a bit MIA the past few weeks (or months it feels...).  I packed up me and my three kiddos and flew out to CA for a few weeks to hang with family and photograph my little sister's wedding.  It's been so much fun and SO busy that I haven't had hardly any time to work.  To everyone waiting on pictures, galleries, orders, etc. - thank you so much for your patience!!  It's hard being so far away and attempting to stay on top of work and spend quality time with my family instantaneously.  

This morning I brought my kids along to the skate park with my "little" brother (who towers over me now) to play.  I brought my camera along and was able to get a few fun shots of him and his friends riding.  I love the chance to do something new with photography - especially when there's no pressure and I can mess around and try different things.  Enjoy these and stay tuned for a wedding sneak peek and much more!!

Hope everyone is having an awesome summer!!

Cousins - sneak peek {Bristol, VA Family Photographer}

When Mom called me up on Friday evening and asked if I could come take pictures of her niece and nephew who were only in town for a week, I wasn't sure what to do.  Normally I'd work it in, but I was getting ready to leave on Monday for 2 weeks with all three of my kiddos... and so say the least, was a bit on the stressed side.  If it were anyone else, I might have to turn them down, but I just love this Mama!!!  So Monday morning I headed up to Bristol to take pictures of these cute cousins and had a blast doing it.  They were a breeze to photograph and I always love chatting with Mom.  You'll be seeing more of their family in about a month when they add a new member to their family!  Enjoy this sneak peek!!  Hope everyone is enjoying the sun!!



Secretly Healthy and Super Yummy Turkey Meatballs

I'm always trying to sneak in healthy stuff to my kiddos, and it's a lot easier when they're oblivious to it.  I came up with this recipe a while back and my EXTREMELY picky kids BEG for me to make it.  We've made it a weekly tradition now and they have still yet to ask what the little green flakes are...  I think I'm a genious.  Anyway - I thought it would be fun to share the goodness with you!  Give it a try and let me know what you think!

PS:  They are SUPER easy, SUPER fast and like I mentioned, SUPER yummy!!!! 

Zucchini and Turkey Meatballs

1 lb. ground turkey

2 small-medium zucchini, finely grated

1/2 white or yellow onion, finely chopped

1 egg white

2-3 garlic cloves, minced

1/2 cup plain or Italian style bread crumbs

1 Tbsp. freshly grated Parmesan cheese

1/2 teas. dried oregano

1/2 teas. dried basil

freshly ground pepper to taste

Preheat broiler.  Spray 2 rimmed cookie sheets with olive oil cooking spray.  Set aside.  In a large bowl, mix all ingredients together until well blended.  Use a Tbsp. to scoop mixture and use hands to form into balls.  Place 2 inches apart on prepared cookie sheets.

Bake meatballs under broiler for 5 minutes on each side until browned to perfection. I like mine a little on the dark side, but you can cook them however you like!!  Use a spatula to remove from cookie sheets.

Throw the meatballs into your favorite sauce, let them simmer for a bit, then serve over whole wheat pasta and top with some freshly grated Parmesan cheese.  Ta-da - you're done!!!  

***I like to use whole wheat spaghetti - another great way to sneak in some healthy goodness to you and your family!  I also like to open up a can of diced tomatoes and throw those into my favorite pasta sauce!  I told you I was sneaky!! 

- Enjoy - 

PS: Don't mind the pictures - I took them with my phone!  Did I mention that I'm lazy too??  =) 

March - Instagram Style {Tri-Cities TN Portrait Photographer}

Yay - my second month of Instagraming... I'm still so in love with Instagram.  If you missed my first post - February Instagram Style, you can check it out {HERE}.  These are all pictures taken with my iphone and then edited with Instagram.  I thought it would be a fun way to give you a little glimpse into my everyday life.  It's wild and crazy, but lots of fun.  Never a dull moment in the Davidson house!!

If you're on Instagram I'd love to follow you - add me: queenbrandy17 {again, I know - lame username}  Enjoy my re-cap of March... life is good!!!

FYI - It was literally almost impossible to narrow it down to only 20 images... I may have to cut back next month!!  Happy picture-taking!

Spring Mini Session Preview... {Tri Cities TN Portrait Photographer}

I need to do this more often... take pictures just for fun.  Get my daughter all dressed up and go out into a field and just. have. fun.  It felt so good!!!!!  It's rare that she'll agree to let me take pictures of her {if you're a frequent to this site you already know that!} so when I have the opportunity I always take it!  I wanted to get some shots for a preview to my Serendipity Mini Sessions coming up next month.  I am sooooo excited for them!  There are still slots open, so contact me {HERE} with your top three preferred time slots to book yours!!

Remember how I told you I'm a Matilda Jane addict?  Well I'm nothing compared to my girl Lori!!  Her sweet little Ella is THE most stylish little 4-year-old you'll ever see (she's the smaller of these two beautiful brunettes)!  If only I had a never ending supply of money and a husband that wouldn't kill me... I'd buy EVERYTHING they sell.  LOVE it.  It was so much fun getting these two cutie pies all dressed up.  They had a blast chasing butterflies, having a tea party and running wild through the fields - so much that they almost didn't notice they were having their pictures taken!  Imagine that...   

I know you're swooning over these clothes...  And this is just a taste!  Check out the full line {HERE} and make a wish list.  You can send it to Lori and she'll take care of you!  And before you do - remember that each person who books a Serendipity Mini Session will recieve a $25 Matilda Jane gift card to get something special for your pictures!!  For more info on the Mini Sessions, click {HERE}.  Enjoy these... I am seriously in love with them.

Clothing - Matilda Jane Clothing Company

Vintage Fabric Banners - Starlit Nest Gifts