My Favorite Product: The Session Album

If you told me you could only order ONE thing from your photo session, I wouldn't even have to think for a second.  The Session Album wins, every time, hands down.


A session album is a gorgeous photobook that features a custom cover and all the images (you want included) from your session.  It's like a beautiful book that freezes your little family in time and keeps it safe for you, for forever.  


The cover and pages are sprayed with UV protection, literally keeping it safe from the elements - and the pages are mounted on thick board which means no bending or breaking as they are flipped through day after day.


Also, can we talk about how badly I want a session of me and my man just like these??  BABE - are you reading this?  Someone please tell him.  I'm not kidding guys.


Each page is designed as a spread, as it lays completely flat - leaving alllllll the room for your images to take center stage because, duh. 


Gah.  Those toesies.


I am such a big believer in leaving my clients with TANGIBLE products from their session.  Yes images on disk are great, but let's keep it real - how often do you actually DO something with them?  Yeah, that's what I thought.


I want you to be able to savor those moments, each tiny detail - for years to come.  That's why TANGIBLE guys.  Because I know you're anything like me, life gets crazy and you never get around to doing anything with those files sitting on your computer.


See why I love the Session Album so much now??  I'd love to create one for YOU friend - hit me up and let's get a session scheduled for ya!!  ----> you can contact me HERE.  Muah!