10 minutes {write down your goals}

The secret to accomplishing what matters most to you is committing your goals to writing. 


According to this blog post, writing your goals down is important for five reasons:

1. It forces you to clarify what you want.

2. It motivates you to take action.

3.  It provides a filter for other opportunities.

4.  It helps you overcome resistance.

5. It enables you to see - and celebrate - your progress.

A good friend of mine said something life-changing yesterday, probably without even knowing it.  She's reading a book right now that said (in her own words) - if you take just ONE thing away from this book, let it be this: spend 10 minutes with your child each day.  In my opinion, this can apply to any relationship in your life - so feel free to substitute the word child with spouse, sister, etc.  Be warned though, there's a catch: these 10 minutes must be completely uninterrupted, non-distracted, not doing anything else but spending quality time and listening to that important person. 

I started crying just a little bit when she said it.  I *think* I played it cool by looking the other way and trying my best to swallow the ginormous lump in my throat - hopefully she didn't notice...  It felt a bit like a knife was going right through my heart and it stung.  It stung because I knew how beneficial it could be - and how little effort on my part it would take...  I mean, how easy should it be to spend 10 uninterrupted minutes a day with my kids?  And yet, I'm not doing it, at least not how I should - not how I want.  Remember when I talked about being present?  Let's just say I haven't been putting my money where my mouth is.  And this goes for many other "goals" I have - it's so easy to say I'm working on or towards something when I'm really not.  And least not with REAL intent.

So, I'm writing down my goals, and sharing them with you - you'll never guess what's at the top of the list... ;-)  I obviously need some accountability or something.  Geez!  Maybe you'd like to do the same?  You don't have to share them with the world, but maybe your best friend, spouse, mom, me?  I really believe this whole concept has merit.  When you write it down, it becomes more than just an idea floating around in your head, a good intention.  It becomes REAL.  Something to actually check off your list.  Something to go and DO. 


1. Spend 10 minutes of quality time with each of my children (and husband!).

2.  Limit my phone/social media use.

3.  Smile more.

4.  Complain less.

5.  Get my big camera out more often.

6.  Be creative each day.

7.  Love (myself and others) more completely, forgive more freely.

8.  Serve daily.

9.  Yoga once a week.

10.  Pray with more intention.

11.  Travel, go adventuring, get outside!


Whew.  That felt good... I think.  Also a little bit scary and lot bit vulnerable.  But mostly good.  

Why don't you give it a try?