Things I <3 Thursday {Drop Everything}

My oldest - Mariah, is notorious for refusing to have her picture taken.  So when she came to me the other day and said, "Mom, do you think you could take some pictures of me and put them on your website?" I tried to remain calm and quickly and maybe loudly answered "Yes!!"  I dropped everything, grabbed my camera, threw one of Emma's headbands in her {wild} hair, some lipgloss on her lips and headed outside.  I was NOT about to pass up an opportunity to take pictures of my {not so} little girl.

She has the absolute best sense of humor and a smile that's contagious.  She's an observer, but yet always the life of the party.  

She is super artistic and creative - always coming up with new inventions and possible business ventures.  I'll often find her hidden somewhere writing a quick graphic novel or poem.  She loves exploring, nature, animals, science and almost every sport out there.

I'm watching her turn into a young lady right before my eyes and it's almost incomprehensible.  I mean, wasn't it just the other day that she started walking?  

But best of all, Mariah always knows the exact moment when I need her most.  She comforts me with an unexpected hug, a helping hand or wise words of advice.  Sometimes I think she teaches me more than I teach her.  Wait - let me rephrase that: I know she teaches me more than I'll ever be able to teach her.  

And last, but not least - the completely staged "bad ninja guy chasing an innocent screaming girl" shot because Robbie was patiently waiting for his turn to choose a picture.  This also highlights just one more awesome thing about Mariah - that {most of the time} she can hang with her brother's wild games and ideas!!

I love you baby girl.  Thanks for letting me take pictures of you - let's do it again soon.  <3