Things I <3 Thursdays {My Clients!! Best of 2014}

It pretty much makes my day when I get a little tip or hint that makes my life easier/happier/awesome-er in some way.  So that got me thinking...  Why not share the little (and big) things that make my life happy.  The things I love.  Enter: Things I <3 Thursdays

Now that's it's nearly the middle of February, I thought it high time to feature some of my most favorite people ever... YOU!!  I've watched many of you begin your families...  And then have had the pleasure of watching your families grow and change and blossom.  Your memories have become my memories and as mushy and clich√© as it sounds... I love you!!  

2014 was seriously such a great year - let's take a journey through the year - from start to finish.  <3   

Real life people.  Can't leave that out... ;-)  


Thank you again for supporting me on this adventure...  Can't wait to see what 2015 has is store for BDP!  To book a session, contact me by clicking {HERE}