Ratner Family - Johnson City, TN Family Photographer

I'm just gonna go ahead and pretend that I'm totally unaware that I haven't blogged in several weeks :-I and you should too.  Cabin fever has set in hard and we've had our fair share of sickness this winter.  We also traveled across the country for 3 weeks with our 4 kids which is no easy feat.  Is that enough excuses yet?  Please say yes.  I'm sorry.  I love you. 

Two girls, two boys... I don't know why, but spending time with this super awesome family gave me a little glimpse into what my kiddos will be like in a few years - and if it's anything like these kids - well, I'll be one happy mama!  They were up for whatever, completely themselves and hilariously silly.  We had a blast!!!

I had always seen these huge cement cylinders at a construction site in the area and thought it would be fun to incorporate them into a session...  I love that when I threw the idea out to Mom, she was totally game.  Didn't even bat an eye at the words cement and construction.  And then when her boys climbed up on top of said cement cylinders, she remained the same - totally calm.  No wonder these kids are so great...  they have a pretty amazing mother.  :-)

Side note: Gosh this makes me miss the sun.  And the color green.  


I have hope and faith that the sun shall return and along with it, that beautiful hue that people refer to as "green"... and you'll be wishing you had already booked your family session!!  Click {HERE} to contact me and reserve your session today!!