Things I <3 Thursdays {Norwex is AWESOME - win a free Travel Pack!!}

It pretty much makes my day when I get a little tip or hint that makes my life easier/happier/awesome-er in some way.  So that got me thinking...  Why not share the little (and big) things that make my life happy.  The things I love.  

Things I <3 Thursdays #2 is...  Norwex!!! (keep reading for a chance to win a free Travel Pack!!)


"Definitely NOT buying THAT" was the first thought I had when I heard about Norwex (which was about a month ago).  Let me just be straight up with you - because that's the kind of person I am - I didn't even have a second thought about it.  I was extremely skeptical.  Until something happened.  My friend kept telling me how awesome they were.  Blah, blah, blah.  I asked a couple questions to be nice...  But then, something happened.  She stopped by and handed me a cloth to borrow.  

It sat there for a couple days.  I glanced at it disapprovingly.  Maybe even a glare or two...  And now, now I feel so guilty.  I finally picked it up one afternoon when the baby was sleeping and gave it a try.  HOLY MOLY PEOPLE.  This thing is AMAZING!!!!!!  First I cleaned (like rrrreeeaaalllly cleaned) my kitchen counters.  Then the cabinets.  Then dusted my entire living room.  Then then then then...  With one teeny, tiny cloth.  This little cloth picked up EVERYTHING.  It made things cleaner than they've been in years...  Like, for real.  I was shocked.  And it takes a lot to shock this gal.  And now I'm obsessed.

So just a quick rundown of what makes these little cloths so super duper amazing (because I just didn't get it at first): {from Norwex site}

Norwex believes that every home should be a safe haven. That’s why we constantly strive to bring you the most effective household cleaning and personal care products while radically reducing the use of chemicals in your home.

  • Not only do our Norwex Microfiber products reduce chemicals used in cleaning, but our other household cleaning products do, too. These products contain ingredients derived from natural botanicals instead of harsh chemicals, and many attain their incredible cleaning power from enzyme-based formulas.
  • In addition, many of our skin care products are certified by such highly regarded agencies as Ecocert, EcoGruppo and NaTrue, which ensure that ingredients are derived from renewable resources and that products are manufactured using environmentally friendly processes. In fact, Norwex is proud to be one of the few companies in North America to offer a complete line of Ecocert-certified products.

Sounds pretty outstanding to me.  But again, that's not what sold me on how cool these things are.  It was when I used it.  It was when I saw how simple and easy cleaning could be with just a cloth.  It was when I thought about the absence of harsh chemicals on the surfaces my children touch every day.  It was when I realized how much cleaner and pure the air in our home was.  That's what did it for me.  Oh - and the fact that it can remove bacteria better than normal chemical cleaners...  The Norwex Cloth doesn’t kill bacteria, it removes it.  Watch the test to believe it. **This test was not done by a paid sponsor, it was done by a lab (see video below):

So.... because I think that EVERY single person should have one of these - I'll be giving away a FREE Travel Pack - set of four cloths with pouch.  They are a compact version of the Enviro Cloth and are perfect for on the go or great for sharing!  (this is what my friend let me borrow).  Keep one in your purse, car, office drawer... anywhere!  They're also a great size for cleaning bathrooms!  (a $20.99 value).  

How can you win??  Head on over to this Facebook Party (literally sit in your pjs and learn about Norwex for 20-30 minutes) TONIGHT at 9:30 (EST).  This is the best kind of party you'll ever attend.  Trust me.  So insanely easy!!!!  Ask questions.  Learn.  And for every person who "joins" the party - you'll be entered to win a FREE Travel Pack (including shipping) and will be announced tomorrow from yours truly.  * And there will also be another giveaway during the party - so make sure you're available TONIGHT at 9:30 (EST) and JOIN the party for a chance to win one o!  {Click HERE to JOIN the party now!!!}

** Don't want to or can't attend the online party, but want to learn more about Norwex and check out the products?  Click {HERE} to head on over to the shop!  You'll be sent info on how to care for and use your products after you order.  Seriously.  They're the best.  

And just a couple more reasons why Norwex rocks:

They have a 2 year guarantee and a 60 day money back guarantee.

I highly recommend the Enviro Cloth.  Works for EVERYTHING.  Click {HERE} to grab some goodies for yourself!

** I am not afflicted with Norwex in any way.  I am not being paid to say all this mumbo jumbo.  It's the truth (in my opinion) and they really will change the way you clean your home.  I do, however, benefit from people who may purchase products from the party (by getting discounts and free products).  You can sign up to have your own party and rack up goodies as well - there will be a chance at the end of the online party tonight!!  Win/win situations are what I'm all about =)