Things I <3 Thursdays {Target is the best}

It pretty much makes my day when I get a little tip or hint that makes my life easier/happier/awesome-er in some way.  So that got me thinking...  Why not share the little (and big) things that make my life happy.  The things I love.  

Things I <3 Thursdays #3 is...  Target!!!

Let's be real here.  Target is where it's AT.  If I had to choose just one store to shop at for the rest of my life, it would be Target.  Well, a Super Target (gotta have produce!).  And did you know there are some handy dandy little tools that make shopping at Target even more rewarding?!?  It's like the beautiful, shiny, bright red cherry on the top of the perfect banana split.  

First off - Cartwheel.  No, not the ones kids do in gym class.  It's an app for your smart phone.  And it's awesome.  Like reeeeeeeally awesome.  {CLICK HERE TO GRAB IT - it's free!}.  But, what is it??  Basically, it's free coupons for things you're already buying.  Example: You've got a stack of paper plates in your shopping cart.  You bust out your smart phone and use the super fun (let your kids use it - useful and keeps them occupied) scanner.  You scan those paper plates and BOOM! they just happen to be 20% off for Cartwheel users!!  Rack up coupons and add them to your cartwheel account.  Then, when you're at checkout, just flash your phone to the cashier and they'll scan it.  And THEN (the best part of it all...) just watch your total go down.  Here's a little video to show you exactly how it works:

Next up - Same Day Store Pick Up.  Need your stuff ASAP but don't want to drag your kids through the store?  Or maybe you just don't want to get out of your pjs today.  Enter: Store Pick up.  Order whatever you need/want online, and all you have to do is walk in and over to guest services and they'll have it sitting there waiting for you.  You can even assign someone else to pick it up for you.  If you ask me, that sounds like the best option (no dragging of kids or removal of pjs).  Oh and guess what?  It's free.  Awesome.  

And to makes things even sweeter... you could get a RedCard and save 5% on EVERYTHING you buy.  Plus, free shipping at  Dreams do come true people. 

** Just a disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Target in any way.  I haven't been paid or endorsed by Target.  I just love that place.  Except for their return policy - just one more reason to grab a RedCard - they can look up ANYTHING you've bought with it (in store and online) and will return it with no questions asked.