2014 Spring Mini Sessions

My insanely itchy eyes and the constant sneezing of my daughter lets me know Spring is in full swing here in East Tennessee.  And with Spring comes BDP's annual Spring Mini Sessions!

 They're being held a little later than normal this year - mostly due to me being a little behind on life.  I'm still getting used to being a mama to four kiddos, and working to find the perfect balance between family life and running a business.  

We always - and I mean ALWAYS have a blast at mini sessions.  If you've already been, then you know what I'm talking about.  If you haven't had the chance yet - get yourself signed up!!  It would make the ULTIMATE Mother's Day gift this year.  I can guarantee it.

There are only a few more time slots left - you can schedule yours by contacting me by email (bdprophotography@gmail.com) or phone 423.483.0262.  Hope to see you there!!