Things I <3 Thursdays {Red Envelope - your gift giving guide}

It pretty much makes my day when I get a little tip or hint that makes my life easier/happier/awesome-er in some way.  So that got me thinking...  Why not share the little (and big) things that make my life happy.  The things I love.  Enter: Things I <3 Thursdays

One of the most memorable gifts I've ever received was from my husband several years ago...  And it's been hanging in my living room ever since.  It's this adorable, personalized canvas print of a tree with six birds in it; two adult birds and four baby birds.  Then, down at the bottom, it says The Davidson Family : Nesting Since 2004.  Have I told you guys how awesome my husband is?  I definitely cried when I opened that one.  AND - he found and ordered it all by himself.  Talk about impressive!!  {he got me the one in the middle - LOVE it.}

Enter: Red Envelope.  A site full of unique and personalized gifts (including gifts for yourself...).  It's perfect for this time of year when you want to get your loved ones something that's meaningful, which is much easier said than done.  So I thought I'd do some of the work for you.  Here are a few examples of names that might be on your Christmas list and the perfect solutions.  You're welcome. ;-)

:: Your Nephew ::  Superhero Shirt with HIS name on it.  My boys would DIE over this.  Not into super awesome shirts?  How about a book all about HIM!?!  What kid wouldn't love that?  There are several topics to choose from.

::  Your Sister ::  Everyone loves to get their hands dirty sometimes... but not when it comes to actual dirt (ew.) - check out these tough yet dainty personalized gardening gloves...  Or how about somewhere for her to display all her favorite jewelry pieces?  I love the antler and bird options below... 

::  New Baby ::  These construction themed, 100% organic rompers would be amazing for a baby boy on your list...  Or how about the quiet and captivating hand puppets.  I need those for church!!  I also love these little 'awake' and 'asleep' door hangers for baby's room - any parent would appreciate them (if only toddlers did too...).

::  Your Hubby ::  He might not know it, but he will LOVE slippers.  These are supposed to be crazy comfy - and even have his initial on them so there aren't any excuses for misplacing them.  Save time and make the work day a little more fun with this awesome slingshot!!  Or, brighten his day with this set of Happy Socks.  Honestly, I want some for myself...

Oh!  And I almost forgot... enter code WISHRED at checkout and receive 25% off your entire order and get free shipping on orders over $100.  Head on over to Red Envelope now to take advantage of this awesome deal {click HERE}!  And best wishes on Christmas shopping this year!

I am not affiliated with Red Envelope and do not benefit in any way from sales.