Things I <3 Thursdays {Familia}

It pretty much makes my day when I get a little tip or hint that makes my life easier/happier/awesome-er in some way.  So that got me thinking...  Why not share the little (and big) things that make my life happy.  The things I love.  Enter: Things I <3 Thursdays

This shall be very short and very sweet because you know what?  My family (well, some of them) is here visiting from California and I LOVE THEM!!  Family time is super important to me, so that's exactly what I'm doing this week.  But, to include you in the lovin', here are some pics we took today on a muddy, wet pumpkin patch adventure...

Totally unplanned, wearing random clothes, grumpy two year old...  They're just real.  And I love them.  Even this one...

Speaking of family pictures, I only have 2 more available sessions this YEAR.  And I hardly dare say this, but Christmas deadlines are fast approaching, so if you are hoping for a full session with BDP - now is the time {click HERE to contact me}!!  Annnd how precious is my baby girl people?!  She's the only one who can't run away yet.

Can I also just take a moment to say - how gorgeous is my mother?  This woman has carried 7 babies in her belly, juggled teenagers and toddlers, loved unconditionally and is now the grandmother (but we all call her Nonna) to TEN wild and crazy, sweet and adorable grandchildren.  And I get asked if we're sisters every time we're together.  If you're sensing a bit of envy, you're spot on.  PS: I also love my "baby" sister who is here being the best nanny and friend through my busy season!!

I hope you're as excited as these two for next week's Things I <3 Thursdays, which just might include another giveaway!!!

PS: Props to my brother/apprentice who took all of these images but the last one!!  Future photog in the making.  Watch out world!