Baxter-LaClair Family 2013 {Kingsport, TN Family Photographer}

Oh Elliot.  He has a special place in my heart.  He was only 3 months old, and the cutest baby ever by the way, when I first met him.  (see images from that session HERE)  And then the next time we got to hang out and take pictures, Mom was just barely expecting baby sister Stella...  (see images from that session HERE).  Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, or maybe it's just because I'm a secretly emotional person, but it pulls on the heartstrings each time I see these little babies growing and changing so fast.  Especially when I only see them once a year or so and the changes are so drastic!!    

We had so much fun running and throwing leaves all over the place like maniacs.  I could hang out with Mom and Dad every single day.  We're kindred spirits.  I love their sense of humor and pure love for their children.  That's my favorite part of family sessions...  witnessing so much love between people.  Speaking of love, I love this family.