Violet at 6 months {East Tennessee Children's Photographer}

Oh I could just eat this baby up she's so cute!!!  But before I get into that, let me tell you how special this session was to me!  This beautiful little girls mom and dad's wedding was one of my first when I moved to Tennessee!!  I remember the first time I met Vanessa - I'm pretty sure she was wearing purple, toting a purple purse with a purple wallet inside.  Can you guess what her dominant wedding color was?  You guessed it, purple.  {You can see her bridal pics HERE and HERE}  She even told that very day I met her - (something along the lines of), "I have a bit of an obsession with the color purple.  I always have.  I even plan on naming my first daughter Violet."  How adorable is that?!?  So here is Miss Violet...  Even more beautiful than I imaged she would be considering who her parents are.  I loved every minute of her session.  Enjoy!!