Sparklers and Mommy Goggles {Tri-Cities, TN Portrait Photographer}

There's a little thing called Mommy Goggles - haven't heard of them?  Let me enlighten you:  They are an invisible, magical pair of glasses (or goggles) that moms **usually** have on when they look at their children.  When looking at an image of their child, these special glasses blur out every single thing in an image besides their child's sweet, little face - even green goo coming out noses.  I told you they were magical!!  And that's all they see.  Perfection.   

If you read this blog very often, you already know that a constant and forever goal of mine is to take more "imperfect" and everyday images of my children.  Being a photographer, I sometimes find it hard to document the every day stuff because of my "Photog Goggles"...  I look and see that the moment doesn't have perfect lighting, perfect outfits (or even any clothes at all sometimes!!), perfect location, etc.  But I'm training myself to take my Photog Goggles OFF and slide those Mommy Goggles ON - and love what I see when I do.   


I snapped these a couple weeks ago when we were outside playing with the kiddos and cleaning out the garage (a never-ending task... just like laundry).  My hubby found a bag of sparklers from last summer, so we had a spur-of-the-moment sparkler fest!!