Jenna {Johnson City TN Maternity Photographer}

"I think I know a spot we can go..." I told Jenna the day of her session.  She had moved here only a few weeks prior and was in the middle of the pure craziness that happens right before giving birth to your third child (I would know!) - which had been scheduled 3 weeks earlier than expected.  

I'm pretty sure we knew each other in heaven because I've loved this girl since the first time I met her.  Although I must say I do kind of hate her because she's so stinkin beautiful - effortlessly beautiful.  Not fair.  

The sweet baby boy inside that belly is even cuter than I imaged he would be - and his two big sisters love on him like no other.  It's the cutest thing ever.  Such a pleasure to capture this special time in their lives.  

Oh!  And about that spot... it was on a whim and turned out to be one of the most beautiful backgrounds ever!  It captures East Tennesse and all its glory perfectly, wouldn't you say?  Enjoy.

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