Lucas - 6 months {Kingsport, TN Children's Photographer}

This adorably squishy piece of perfection is my baby boy!!  I still can't believe six months (well almost 7 now really - hey better late than never right??) have past by since he arrived!  Looking back at his newborn pictures is so bittersweet.  Why does it have to go by so quickly??  I just love him to PIECES!!  He is such a laid back and happy baby, thank goodness.  He loves to eat - anything but green beans, is getting pretty good at sitting up - but his big brother just loves when he goes "TIMBER!!" and is making super adorable "mama" and "googoo" sounds.  But more than anything else, this little guy loves his big sister and brother.  He loves being near them and watching them.  We are so grateful to have him in our family!!  

These aren't amazing - I took them on a whim, all within about 4 minutes and didn't have anyone else to help me, so it was hard to get the smiles to last when I stuck my face behind the camera.  I love them anyway!!  Enjoy!