Leedy Family 2012 - sneak peek {Johnson City, TN Photographer}

I had to laugh when one of the emails from Mom said, "If you thought it was hard to get pictures of Kyla last year... well, this year it's going to be impossible."  Ha!!  At least she gave me fair warning, right?!!  You can see how much Kyla has grown since her one year session by clicking {HERE}.  In all honesty though, she did great!!  Don't get me wrong - she's still a two-year old little girl who knows what she wants, and gave me a good (and much needed) workout, but she was awesome!  Mom and Dad though... that's another story.  =)  

I think one of my most favorite parts of being a photographer is watching these adorable babies grow up - and being able to capture them just as they are at this moment...  It's very special!!  Kyla is so sweet and sassy - the perfect mixture for a little girl!!  I had tons of fun with this awesome family, as well as "NeNe" (aunt Whitney) who will be gracing the blog in not too long for her bridal session - and was such a great helper in keeping Kyla happy.  Thank you for a great evening (minus all the bug bites all over me!!) and enjoy your sneak peek!!!