Rue is ONE - sneak peek {East Tennessee Children's Photographer}

First of all... can I just say how SAD I am that this awesome and amazing family is moving away???  I had the privilege of taking Rue's newborn pictures {which you can see by clicking HERE} and have seen her several times over the past year.  I'm so glad it worked out to meet up before they left town to take Rue's 1st Birthday pictures!  She is such a doll...  I'm looking forward to seeing them when they come back to visit.  Enjoy the sneak peek and I'll miss you guys!!  

On a personal note:  My house has been hit with sickness!!!  My poor baby ended up in the hospital and long story short - over a week has gone by and I feel like I'm just now emerging from my cave!!  Hence the lack of posts the last week and a half!  Thanks for your patience everyone!  I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel... {or cave - either way, there's light!!!}