Cutie {mud} Pie - Elena {Bristol, VA Children's Photographer}

We just got back from an awesome few days at the lake... it was so relaxing to get away from everything and just be together as a family.   Life gets so crazy sometimes and it's hard to slow down.  We didn't even have cell reception way out at the cabin which forced me to just "be" even more!! haha!  Our good friends came out for a day and the kids had a BLAST getting D I R T Y from head to toe down at the beach - especially this wild gal!!!  Of course it starts off slowly... throwing a rock here and there into the water.  Then she starts getting cups full of water and dumping them in the dirt.  Then she sits down in the mud she made... and well you get the point.  By the time we got her back up to the house we had to strip her down and throw her in the shower!!  There's just something right about letting kids get dirty beyond belief.  They love it so much!  I snapped the most pictures of Miss Elena because she'll let me and can't run away as fast... haha!  I'll post more pictures of our adventures in the next few days, but here's a few cute ones I snagged of her.  I sure love this cutie pie!!  Enjoy!


If you look closely in these last two shots you can totally see me and my bright coral shirt!!!  ***Photog tip: always wear a white shirt when shooting - it acts as a natural reflector and you wont end up with wierd colored catch lights in your subjects' eyes!!  =)