just because... {Bristol, VA Children's Photographer}

One of my goals for this year {and every year, really} is to be better at taking pictures of my kiddos.  Trust me, I'd take so many more if they were cooperative.  Maybe it's because they've had a camera shoved in their face since they were born or because they know how badly I want pictures of them or some other random reason... but whatever it is - I can't seem to find the secret to getting them in front of the camera {happily}.  I also want to respect their feelings and try not to ever force them to take pictures {although I've had my moments...}  However, every blue moon they are up for it and I take advantage of it every time!!  

The other day I got a couple new backdrops in the mail and was setting them up.  The odd shape of the box captured their attention immediately and they helped me get them all set up.  I told them they could play on them if I could take pictures he he...  Of course it didn't last long, but I'll take what I can get.  

My son is so hard to shoot because he literally never stops moving and the blocks were way more interesting than I was.  I love how he sticks out his little tongue whenever he's concentrating.  Now my daughter is another story... oh my.  She will hold still, but can I get her to make a normal face?  Rarely!!  Haha!  Neither one of them is lacking any personality - which is a good thing.  I didn't snap any of my baby boy this time around because he was sleeping {allowing me to get a few shots of his siblings!} and who wakes a sleeping baby?  Not me!  I sure love these crazies!!