Duffey Fam - sneak peek {Kingsport TN Family Photographer}

This gorgeous gal just happens to be my sister...  We've been partners in crime since I was two.  She is one of my most bestest friends in the whole wide world and I'm so incredibly grateful to have her in my life.  Not only do I love her, but I love all of her beautiful boys!!!  Look at all these blonde haired, blue eyed boys!!  Love them to peices!  She has her hands full with them (as you can probably imagine) but they are the sweetest boys ever.  The last picture is my parents with all of their grandbabies (except my newest one who arrived after these pictures were taken!).  Are they not some good lookin grandparents or what??  I feel to blessed to have been born into such a loving and SUPER AWESOME family.  =)  Enjoy!