what it takes {johnson city children's photographer}

This set of pictures puts THE biggest smile on my face.  Not only because these two adorable and crazy kids are MINE, but because they so accurately capture them and their sweet (and wild) personalities.  If you're a regular to my site, you know that it's a rarity that I'm able to get pictures of my kids - especially the two of them TOGETHER... it's practically a miracle!!  I have to admit there might have been some bribery or maybe even slight threatening (as in we wont get ice cream...) to get them to cooperate.  But once they finally sat down next to each other they couldn't stop cracking up because of how silly they were being.  I was laughing so hard I'm surprised these are in focus!! haha  They aren't perfect by any (photography) means, but to me, they couldn't get any closer to perfection.  I have to stop myself and remember that it's the imperfect moments (and pictures) that are sometimes the most meaningful.  I love these two to PIECES and am SO incredibly grateful to have them in my life... they make every day an adventure.

These were taken right outside of The Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA.  If you are ever in the area it's well worth the stop, the kids (and my hubby and me) had a blast!!