the easiest subjects... {east tennessee portrait photographer}

So last week we were at Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens in Columbia, SC.  If you haven't been there - check it out {HERE}, it's definitely one of the coolest zoo's I've been to.  Anyways, they have this huge area full of amazing gardens that go on and on.... we're talking the most gorgeous photography backgrounds you can imagine.  I lugged my huge camera all the way out there planning to capture these amazing pictures of me and my girlfriends kiddos.  These pictures were going to be awesome.  I mean AWESOME.  I should have seen it coming, though.  I should know my kids by now - and should have thought to myself, "What normal kid would want to sit and take pictures at a ZOO?"   So - that leads me to the pictures below.  I brought my camera all that way - I had to take pictures of SOMETHING.  So I took the easy way out and shot some of the beautiful flowers that filled the gardens.  

Want to know the thing I love most about flowers?  They don't move when you take a picture of them.  Ha!  So I thought I'd at least share them with you because after all, they really are beautiful.