leah + cody = married {sneak peek} - East Tennessee Photographer

Rain.  Lots of rain.  After an entire day filled with warm overcast weather (a photographer's dream) I pull up to Maple Lane Farm to meet up with Leah and the girls who are getting ready.  Literally the second I parked, it started raining - hard.  So hard that I had to wait a few minutes until it let up enough for me to run to the house!  I was worried about how Leah would be doing considering her sunny outdoor spring wedding wasn't exactly going as planned.  When I saw her she was calm and collected and just said, "I'll be in sitting in Jamaica tomorrow soaking up the sun, so it's okay!"  This should give you a perfect taste of why I think Leah's so awesome.  It was quiet getting ready though as the girls kept looking out the windows every few minutes to check on the rain status.  

The ceremony ended up being moved indoors last minute because the weather was so unpredictable.  Luckily, right before the ceremony there was a break in the clouds, so we ran out with a table cloth to use under Leah's dress and got some shots of all the girls.  

The ceremony was great - it never fails... I don't think I've been to a wedding yet where I haven't teared up.  I'm such a baby.  But this wedding was a special one for a couple reasons: 1. it's my last one (at least for a very long period of time) and 2. I just can't tell you how much I love Leah and Cody.  After the ceremony we headed back outside to the not-raining-at-the-moment weather to get all the group and family shots.  By the time we finished up with the family pics the weather started getting DARK again and we were officially forced inside when it started raining {again}.

The reception went great and everyone had lots of fun.  Someone ran over and told me there was a rainbow outside, so I grabbed Leah and Cody and they stood in the mist so we could get a few shots.  Talk about a good sign on your wedding day right??  A full ground to ground rainbow - that has to mean something great!

The finale was lots of fun... Leah and Cody ran through a crowd of their friends and family holding sparklers and then headed to Cody's truck where all his buddies followed behind in their trucks (there had to have been at least 8-10 of them) and made some serious noise peeling out on the road.  It was a first for me - but I loved it!!!  Congrats Leah and Cody!!!!  Hope you guys are enjoying the warm weather - enjoy your sneak peek!!!