tutu happy!! {east tennessee portrait photographer}

This is my super duper adorable niece.  I was watching her for a couple hours the other day and thought I'd take advantage of her willingness to let me take pictures of her {unlike my own children}.  So got her all decked out in Atti'TUTU'de gear {adorable green tutu and vintage headband} and into the studio for a few quick shots.  

Hanging out with this baby will seriously make any mother jealous because she is SO GOOD.  I mean SO. STINKIN. GOOD.  She doesn't cry, she's happy, she's super snuggly, she's completely adorable... I mean really??  If I was guaranteed to have babies like her I'd probably have ten of them!  Well, maybe not ten.  Anyways, here's a couple of my favorite shots AND a little taste of the giveaway that will be announced at the end of this week so stayed tuned!!!