making wishes {kingsport tn children's photographer}

We were getting ready to run to the store - the kids and my hubby were outside waiting for me {sooo typical}.  I run outside ready to go and my hubby stops me and points to my daughter.  I look over to see her sitting amidst hundreds of dandelions, decked out in her girlie dress {haven't seen her in pants in over a year, no joke} and her favorite pair of shoes at the moment - striped rain boots.  

The sun was shining through the trees behind her - it looked almost magical.  If it were me, I probably would have raced to the car and went on my way - but I'm so glad my hubby saw this moment and helped me to stop and really see it too.  I grabbed my camera and somehow managed to talk her into throwing a headband into her {wild & crazy} hair.  

What's even more magical about this moment is that she actually LET me snap a few pics of her.  All my friends know how much she does NOT enjoy having her picture taken.  I blame it on the fact that she's had a camera shoved in her face since the day she was born.  I always tell her one day she'll be happy I took so many pictures of her.  haha  One day.  I just love these pictures of her... I can't believe how old she's getting.  It really does go by way too fast.  

I wonder what she was wishing for.