mine {kingsport, tn family photographer}

You would think as a "mom-tographer" I'd post more pictures of my kids.  Well I WISH I could!!  Those little stinkers will hardly ever let me take their pictures.  I'm seriously considering hiring another photographer to take pictures of them so at least I'll have some good ones!!  I always joke with clients who are apologizing for their children's behavior that no children could be more difficult to photograph than my own!!  HOWEVER - once in a blue moon they let me, and I take FULL advantage!  This time it was Mariah - who's normally the more stubborn of the two.  I just love seeing pictures of them.  It gives me a small taste of how (I assume) my clients must feel when they see the images of their little cuties.  I need to get better about just getting out the camera and capturing the day to day stuff that I'm sure I wont remember in 20 years.  I want to capture these moments because they fly by wayyyyy to fast.  It seems like suddenly they are both so big, which means I am getting old.  Eww!!  They truly are my world.  My wild and crazy world.  I love them more than words can express and am so grateful for each day I get to spend with them.  Here are a couple that I snagged while we were playing at Nina's house last week...  =)  Aren't they cute??

MOM CHALLENGE:  Break out the point-and-shoot and snag pictures of your kids TODAY.  Try to enjoy this moment in time with them because in only a short time you will look back and realize it's already over!!!  <3