Product Images {East Tennessee Portrait Photographer}

I've done this a couple times with a "featured product" of my choice, but thought it would probably be really helpful to give you a visual of {almost} every product I offer.  I will also be able to refer clients back to this post in the future if they are unable or don't want to come in for an ordering session.  Again, everything looks better in PERSON - when you can touch it and hold it in your own hands.  But this is second best - and better than nothing!  Enjoy the visual aids: 


{includes 20 pages, layflat design, as well as your choice of customization for cover, background color, text, etc.  Pages are coated with UV protection and the binding is of the highest quality.  Books come in three sizes: 8x8, 10x10 (pictured) and 12x12 and are an amazing way to capture your session in one gorgeous product!}


{When you purchase images on disk, this is how you'll get them!  Inside you will find important information, your print release and most importantly, your disk!  When you go to have prints made - everything is in one convenient place - and it looks cute!}


{These are the most adorable little things EVER!  With a beautiful black leather exterior, the cute book folds out accordion style to show off 10 of your most favorite images.  These make awesome gifts - and are great for keeping in purses to show off your most favorite people!}



{Spiral bound books are just that - images printed on photographic paper, bound in-between a front and back cover with a spiral spine.  Books can include all of the images from your session, or just your favorites.  The cover is completely customizable and you have your choice of an easel back (to flip over calendar style) or regular back (for a book style).  A great way to capture your session!}

Spiral Bound Books come in four sizes: 8x10, 5x7, 5x5 and 4x6 (not pictured below)



{I get the most questions about this product.  A standout mount is a photographic print that is mounted on a sturdy plastic board.  There are several options for side colors, such as white or black (both pictured below) as well as birch, brushed metal and mahogany.  These are a wonderful alternative to a gallery wrapped canvas and come complete with drilled holes - making it ready to hang on your wall!}

For an additional design fee charge, you can turn a standout mount into a storyboard!  


{Storyboards are awesome!  They are a wonderful way to showcase your favorite images to create a "story" (hence the name) and are completely customizable.  This is simply one out of hundreds of designs and has been custom matched to the client's daughters room colors.  I always tell clients when it comes to storyboards, the possibilities are endless!}



{All prints sized 11x14 and larger are mounted for protection.  I get asked a lot what this looks like and it's hard to capture in a picture - but hopefully these two images below can show you how the larger image (black and white image) has a slight thickness to it.  It is mounted on a 1/4" thick styrene board.  The smaller image (in color) is an 8x10 regular print.} 



{This are hands down my all-time favorite product.  This is definitely something you must see to appreciate the beauty of. Your image is printed on the finest canvas and then wrapped around a wooden frame.  It's completed with backing, a wire for hanging and bumpers for protection.  It is then sprayed with a UV coating which protects your artwork from UV damage as well as humidity and other environmental factors.  It will literally last a lifetime (and then some).}



{This is probably my second favorite product... and an absolutely stunning way to present your images.  The completely customizable 5x7 box is filled with 10 mounted 5x7 prints and comes complete with a black easel for displaying your favorite at the moment.  The images can be used for display around the house, as gifts or for keeping in the box.  The box itself is a work of art, and is another product that is so much more amazing in person.}


I think that about wraps it up!  There are a few other products that I offer which weren't shown, such as holiday cards, birth announcements and other custom designed work.  As always, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have!!  Hope you enjoyed this!!