input please?

If you could create your dream collection (photo package) - what would it include? Meaning the perfect package for you - not necessarily some crazy out of this world package of 347 prints.  

For example:

1 - 16x20 Gallery Wrapped Canvas, 3 - 8x10, 5 - 5x7

Or maybe:

1 - 8x11 Hardcover album, 1 - 30x20 Standout Mount, 3 - 10x10 Standout Mounts, 20 - 4x6

OR (the options are endless really - can you see why I'm having a hard time??)

1 - 10x20 Storyboard, 1 - 5x7 Photobox with 40 5x7 prints, 3 - 11x14

I'm doing a poll on my facebook page and would really just LOVE you to death if you could give me your input!!!  And just because I love you - I will be choosing one comment from my facebook page to win a $50 Brandilyn Davidson Photography gift certificate!  So please take just a second to let me know what package would best accomadate YOUR needs.  I really appreciate it!!

Click {HERE} to go to the Brandilyn Davidson Photography page on Facebook and let me know what your dream photo collection would be (and be entered to win a BDP Gift Certificate)!!