spontaneous {johnson city tn children's photographer}

So there was a new location I wanted to check out, and I thought I'd get Mariah to let me snap a few shots of her.  I got her all prepped: she helped picked out an outfit - we bargained, let her know how long it would take, what we would do afterwards etc.  We were all set.  We finally get out there and of course she doesn't want to do it.  I always hear all these other photogs who say their kids LOVE having their picture taken.  Well - not mine.  In fact, it's the extreme opposite!!  And it makes me so sad...  Anyways, of course I got nothing at the beautiful location, but as we're waiting in the car for Dad to get some snacks she's all smiles and actually seemed happy about me taking her pic!!  Go figure!! Oh well - I'll take what I can get!! I sure love this little girl... I still can't believe she's in school and growing up so fast.  I miss spending time with her so much.