soaking up summer {my recent adventures}

I realized I haven't posted for a bit now... life has been crazy!!!  I have SO MANY images to edit and albums to create - apologies to my wonderfully patient clients who are waiting.  I'm working hard to get everything done!!  In the midst of everything, we've taken trips to both California and South Carolina and my baby girl just started Kindergarten!!!  Whew!

So to give you something to look at, here are some of my favorite images from our trip to Hilton Head Island, SC.  It was BEAUTIFUL and the beaches were amazing.  I didn't take many pictures - it's so hard for me to enjoy the moments when I have my camera in hand.  I'm either photographer or wife/mommy... and I'm still working on finding the balance between the two.  So, I decided to enjoy it rather than document it, but I did pull out the camera a couple times so we'd have something to remember the trip by.  It was so much fun.  If you've never been - plan a trip!!  It's great for families, couples and individuals.  Did I mention the beaches are AMAZING??