isn't this cute??? {photographer in johnson city tn}

I have the coolest friends.  My sister just had twin boys {can't wait to see them in just a few days!!} and my friend who has only met her once, made her the CUTEST little softies... or whatever they're called.  What would you call them??  I don't know!  They're a blanket, they're a toy, they're a snuggle bug - they're adorable.  When she handed them to me she was like, "Oh I just threw these together last night... they're uneven and blah blah blah..."  All I was thinking was how stinkin cute they were and how I could never make something so crafty!! To show you just how much I love these things  I took some pics of them {hopefully Beli wont mind!}!!!!  I think she should start selling them on Etsy.  How would you like to have a giveaway for a couple of these??  Let me know what you think  - and while you're at it - enter to win the current giveaway for some cute baby bows by {clicking here}.