Helping Hands & Linking Arms {johnson city tn photographer}

On April 24th hundreds of volunteers throughout the southeast United States and parts of South America joined hands and put forth service at several projects throughout their communities.  This was part of the Helping Hands & Linknig Arms Day of Service.  I was privilaged enough to be a part of it - and somehow lucky enough to get out of shoveling or digging fence posts!  It was a beautiful day and even more beautiful was watching so many happy faces - old and young - serving their community.  I was assigned to take pictures at the opening ceremonies at Winged Deer Park as well as a fence repair project at Civitan Park and a step building project in the disk golf park at Winged Deer Park.  I wanted to share some of the shots I took throughout the day - and give thanks to all those who participated.  I am looking forward to what we can accomplish next year!!