atti'TUTU'de shoot {johnson city tn photographer}

Jill, the owner of Atti'TUTU'de contacted me about getting some professional pictures taken of her SUPER cute products and of course I jumped for the opportunity!!  I enlisted my daughter as one of my models, however she is NOT a fan of having her pictures taken - it seems that the older she gets, the less and less she allows me to take her pictures which just KILLS me!!  But the other night she was all about it!! She did soooooo good and we had so much fun!! I'm so excited to have some good pictures of her...  But enough about my adorable daughter...  How cute are the other babies??  They all did so good and are so sweet... Little girls are so much fun!

Atti'TUTU'de - custom tutus, hair accessories, wings, wands & all things pretty for your little one.  You absolutely MUST check out her Etsy site - I'm in love with the feather headbands which I will hopefully get my hands on SOON.  Can you image a sweet little rolly newborn with one of those on her head??  

Here's the link to Atti'TUTU'de's Etsy site: And website:

HINT: I'll be hosting another giveaway soon with some super cute atti'TUTU'de products!!